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Reiki for Babies

REIKI for Babies

The calming effect of Reiki promotes relaxation. Research shows that the massaging and applying the techniques of Reki to newborns helps them grow faster and sleep better. This practice creates happier and healthier babies. By rubbing and stroking baby’s skin with moderate pressure, along with utilizing the healing energy of Reiki, a wide range of benefits can be realized.

Benefits of Reiki for Babies:

    *Help relieve pain & fussiness
    *Childhood falls
    *Aids in sleeping
    *Growing Pains
    *Nasal Congestion

Pregnancy and infant care
Chronic stress during pregnancy has been linked to sleeping and feeding problems after the baby is born, as well as anxiety, symptoms of attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder, aggressiveness and behavioral problems as children grow. In addition, research has traced the roots of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other conditions to the womb, in ways that are separate from genetic influences, although maternal behavior also alters genes. Reiki can be used to help improve the whole family's experience through pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum. It has been shown to be useful in dealing with pain, including labor pains during delivery, can reduce stress and post-partum anxiety, and provides partners with a tool to participate more fully through providing care for mom and baby. Reiki can be provided by mom herself, her partner, and by health care professionals. Using Reiki on infants is a lot like caring for anyone else - anxiety, sleep problems, pain (gas, colic) all affect infants and Reiki can be used with no contraindications.

Studies performed using Reiki with premature infants in an intensive care situation have been shown to promote bonding and well-being and are therefore an essential therapy for the benefit of parents, babies, and health care professionals.